Historic Preservation Commission Meetings

Historic Preservation Comission Meeting documents are posted here in the City’s efforts for improved communication and transparency. Agendas and packets contain draft documents for review purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

Upcoming Meetings

2021 Meetings

Meeting Historic Preservation Committee
Date 2/22/2021
Time 6:00 PM
Meeting Historic Preservation Committee
Date 1/25/2021
Time 6:00 PM

Historic Preservation Commission

The historical, cultural, and aesthetic heritage of the City of Dahlonega is among its most valued and important assets and the preservation of this heritage is essential to the promotion of the health, prosperity and general welfare of the people. The Historic District includes all properties located with the B3 and CBD zoning districts within the city limits.

Kevin Herrit, AICP, EDFP
Community Development Director

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