Planning Commission

The Dahlonega Planning Commission is composed of seven members. Members are appointed by the Governing Body. Four members present at a meeting constitute a quorum. One of the members is appointed annually as Chairman of the commission by the Planning Commission members, and the Chairman does not vote except in cases of a tie-vote between the other members. All members of the Commission are city residents and serve a three-year term. Regular meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

Upcoming Meetings

Functions, Powers and Duties

The Planning Commission has the following functions, powers, and duties:

  • Cooperate with, contract with, or accept funds from federal, state, regional, or local public or semi-public agencies or private individuals or corporations; expend such funds; and carry out such cooperative undertakings or contacts.
  • Make expenditures for the purchase of required equipment and supplies. Expenditures, exclusive of gifts to the Planning Commission or contract receipts, shall be within the amounts appropriated for the purpose by the Governing Body.
  • Conduct surveys and studies of existing conditions and probable future developments and to prepare and recommend to the Governing Body any plans for physical, social, and economic growth as will best promote the public health, safety, order, convenience, aesthetics, prosperity or the general welfare of the City of Dahlonega
  • Prepare and recommend for adoption by the Governing Body zoning regulations and official zoning map, subdivision regulations and other such land use regulations; prepare and recommend for adoption by the Governing Body amendments to any of the land use regulations; and to review and make recommendations concerning applications for zoning map amendment, conditional use approvals, variances, annexation or other such applications
  • Perform other planning functions and duties as may be required by the Governing Body

Current Members – 2019

Robert Conaway, Chairman

William McGraw, Vice Chairman

Joyce Westmoreland

Win Crannell

Anthony Faiia

Greg Fender

Michael Feagin

Department Contacts

Kevin Herrit
Community Development Director

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