Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Program

In October 2022, the Mayor and City Council of Dahlonega formally adopted a cross connection and backflow prevention ordinance to comply with State regulatory requirements and to address concerns regarding the possible contamination or pollution of the City of Dahlonega’s potable water supply. Key aspects of this program include annual inspection and reporting on cross connection and backflow devices.

All users of the system, and workmen associated with the system, must be aware of this ordinance and constantly be alert to any connection to the system which may allow such a cross-connection and what preventative measures can be taken to ensure a safe, potable water supply.

To learn more about the Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Program, please view the following document:

Testing companies are required to use the City’s form. The most current version is below.

The City of Dahlonega requires the use of a certified backflow prevention assembly tester. A comprehensive list of licensed testers is available at testers . This document should NOT be considered an endorsement of any company/individual listed and is only provided as an aid.