The Renewal Process for 2024 Alcohol Beverage Licenses for consumption on premise (Class D, E, and F)and all package stores (Class B, C, and other classes) is underway through November 15, 2023. Documents

The Local Renewal applications are handled through the centralized alcohol process. The State alcohol renewal process is handled separately from the City approval process. Applications for local renewal licenses are available on the ALP site for Consumption on Premises and Package Stores. Once completed, the application and accompanying documents must be uploaded to the site for review by the City staff. The fee schedule is shown on the site but must be calculated manually, and payments are accepted at City Hall or on the Alcohol Portal.

The Package Sales of Distilled Spirits Application is presented to the City for approval and payment. This application is not affected by the new State Alcohol Licensing Process, and reporting the issuance of the approved license to the state is the license holder’s responsibility.

Please review the City of Dahlonega Ordinances for information pertaining to local requirements for renewal of an Alcoholic Beverage License. The fees referred to in this section shall be payable annually on or before October 31 for all consumption licenses (Classes D, E, and F) and on or before November 15 for all package licenses (Classes B, C, and all other classes)