Waste Water Treatment

The City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility insures that Dahlonega’s wastewater is treated to the highest quality before it returns to the Yahoola Creek Watershed. The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Treatment Facility went into service in 1996.

The current system has a permitted discharge of 1.44 MGD monthly average and a weekly average of 1.8 MGD. In 2017, the facility, through SPLOST funding, upgraded its filters to an “Aqua Minidisk Filtration System”, installed a new UV Disinfection System and upgraded to a Variable Speed Aeration System. These new components allow the facility to meet very stringent water quality discharge permit requirements as well as achieve energy savings.

The system is operated by state certified technicians that truly care about the environment and the Citizens of Dahlonega.

Department Contacts

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Jamie Ricketts
Waste Water Treatment Supervisor