Project #2021-002 Asphalt Leveling and Resurfacing City Streets in Dahlonega, Georgia In House Paving Project Addenda 1

Q. Can the County tell us what the allowable work hours will be on this project?

A. The City allows work to be done from daylight to dark, Monday through Friday.  Some dates may be impacted by downtown festivals.

Q. Will the County allow the contractor to use portable advance warning signs on tripods or will the County require the use of post mounted signs?

A. The City allows advanced warning signs to be placed on tripods.

Q. Will the County require the contractor to pave back to the radius points at side roads and driveways or are we to pave straight through them?

A. The City allows the contractor to run the spreader gate out on driveways.  The side roads must be paved back to the radius, or as directed by the City inspector.

Q. Will the City consider awarding both the 2021-001 LMIG & IN House Projects to one combined lowest bidder?

A. No

Q. Would the city consider doing a lowest combined bid total award for the LMIG and In-House projects so one contractor would get both jobs and not have to split these up?

A. No

Q. There are four pay items for striping (solid and skip, white and yellow) for both the LMIG and In-House Paving projects. Does the city intend to stripe the binder course as well as the topping? It would seem more feasible to remove the striping pay items from the In-House paving project and allow the contractor to install temporary tape until the surface course is applied. 

A. The City will allow the use of temporary tape on the binder course.

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