Arraignment Date May 2019

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Date(s) - May 14, 2019
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Dahlonega City Hall


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If you would like to come into court and contest the citation you may do so on the arraignment date listed on the front of the citation, your first appearance is only the arraignment date, and you will be rescheduled to a later date for a trial.

If you are charged with a state misdemeanor violation, you have a right to a jury trial. If you want a trial by jury, your case will be transferred from the Dahlonega Municipal court to the Lumpkin County Superior Court; if you request your case to be transferred you will need to be in contact with the Lumpkin County Superior Court Office for a further court date and other information pertaining to your case.

You have a right to counsel in connection with your charge(s) in Municipal Court. The Enotah Judicial Circuit Public Defender Office represents persons who cannot afford an attorney. However, the Public Defender Offices provides representation only for persons whose income falls below a certain level. If you believe you would qualify for representation by the Public Defender, you must go to the office of the Clerk, located at 465 Riley Road, to fill out your application and be interviewed. You will have to pay a $50.00 application fee to the Office of the Clerk. If you have not had an opportunity to hire a lawyer before your court date or you did not qualify for the public defender, you must come to court on your court date and ask the Judge for more time to hire a lawyer.