Annexation Information

If you wish to annex property into the City of Dahlonega, the property must be contiguous to the city and you must submit the following:

1. A survey of the property to be annexed showing property is contiguous to city limits.

2. An Agreement to Annex – available at City Hall.

3. Written statement requesting annexation, signed by the owner of the property.

This request will be heard by the Planning Commission, who will make recommendation to the City Council. City Council will then hold two readings (public hearings) before the annexation will be final.

Please get your request to us as soon as possible as the city must run a notice in the Dahlonega Nugget 15 days prior to the Planning Commission meeting. This meeting is held on the second Monday of each month.

The property if annexed, will be zoned R-1 Residential (single family residence).


For all other zoning

classifications you will need to submit a site plan detailing the project. Contact the Planning Department for more information as these requests may take several months.

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